About Clara Mason Design

Clara Mason Design is a surface pattern, print and illustration studio based in North Yorkshire, UK.

Work is available for licensing & buy out, and I also offer a custom custom service for surface pattern on fabric, wallpaper, home goods, stationery etc.

Please contact me to view my full art catalogue or with specific design enquiries.

My Story

Hi I'm Claire, designer and pattern obsessive!

The name Clara Mason comes from a family name linked to my Grandparents who are my inspiration for this studio. They gave me my first set of watercolours when I was about 12 years old and my Grandfather, a watercolourist, taught me how to paint. They also gave me a calligraphy pen at around the same time, and I drew floral patterns with it and painting the flowers with my watercolours.

Fast forward to about 9 years ago, I started my first blog and wanted a polka dot background for it, and after googling where to find one, I discovered I could actually make my own repeating pattern! I was completely hooked right from the start and began handpainting elements for my blog as well as watercolour motifs which I made into patterns on Photoshop and later on, in vector format in Adobe Illustrator.

I have my head in the future, and my heart in the past.

Endlessly curious, I'm inspired by many things, including vintage crockery and wall coverings, ephemera, old packaging and advertisements and let's not forgot the oldest beauty of all, nature itself.

Designers & studios that inspire me the most are C.F.A. Voysey and silk designer James Leman, Collier Campbell studio and Liberty amongst many others.

I also curate an Instagram account @surfacepatternlife where I promote and cheerlead other surface pattern designers within this wonderful art community.

Please get in touch to discuss your project requirements, I look forward to hearing from you! 

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