About Me

Hi! I'm Claire (real name), aka Clara (studio name!). I'm a surface designer and illustrator based in the North of England where I live with my husband and three children.


I've been a pattern nerd for as long as I can remember - from feeling happy at being praised by my teacher for a pattern I drew of umbrellas aged about 6, to spending waaay too long as a kid looking at wallpaper repeats at my Grandma's house. I even got into trouble with my parents as a teenager for a pattern I painted!


My Grandparents are my inspiration, they encouraged my art, and my love of nature. They gave me a calligraphy pen and watercolour paints when I was young, my Grandfather taught me how to paint.


My nature and vintage inspired style leads me to using watercolor, gouache, ink and other media, as well as being well versed in all today's graphics programmes.


I had a 10 year career in financial services before I had my first child and took a break from work. I took up graphic design as a hobby to keep busy and was quickly approached by clients. I became a freelance designer in 2011 and in 2019 I decided to focus on surface pattern and illustration.


My favourite artists and designers are C.A.Voysey, William Morris, and Collier Campbell Studio. My idea of fun is searching out old design instruction guidebooks, and looking at 18th & 19th century decorative arts, and of course wallpaper websites!


Feel free to get in touch for enquiries and a bit of advice



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